Thomas - Vocalist, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harmonica (and pretty much everything else at one time or another)!

“He travels the fastest who travels alone.”                          

-Rudyard Kipling 

With hard work and dedication, Thomas Link (aka Mister Link) is proving out Rudyard Kipling’s poetic assertion. Granted, he may be moving at a measured pace in pursuit of a successful music career, but after giving the old traditional rock band model several valiant attempts, Mister Link now has bragging rights to a full-length recording under its belt, and another one on the way. Link is quickly realizing that individualistic self-reliance may have been his missing link all along. 

In the age old nature versus nurture debate, Link clearly believes he was born a musician, rather than merely choosing the creative vocation.  “Music is not something I choose, it chose me,” he admits. “It’s not something I do, it’s something I am. I love music and its corollary, poetry, because it speaks with words and tongues I cannot otherwise say, and condenses all things into their essence.”

Stylistically, many have already linked this… California musician to the mystical essence of another famous Southern California rock icon. “As a singer, I’m often compared to Jim Morrison.” However, Link doesn’t quite see this Doors connection. “I don’t know why other than I’m a baritone,” he speculates. “Maybe it’s the poetic bent.”

“Most of my music is rock,” he says, “with elements of classic, modern, country-rock, folk...” A reviewer for We Are Listening agreed, saying Link’s “voice has great qualities and color to it! Of course, reminiscent of Jim Morrison, but also it has its own unique expression to it.” This reviewer also heard traces of R.E.M., The Doors, The B-52s and Led Zeppelin in Link’s early efforts.

This “poetic bent,” by the way, is one artistic characteristic setting Link’s music apart from more pedestrian, by-the-numbers rock & roll. His verses are set to diverse sonic elements derived from The Cars, White Stripes and R.E.M.-flavored music. “I’m a true Romantic poet in some ways, like Shelly and Byron with a touch of Yeats’ mysticism,” he explains. “I love rhymes from another era.” 

With that said, Link is by no means any snooty, overly highbrow artiste. He’s, instead, a self-described fan of Kurt Cobain, Credence Clearwater Revival, Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, Metallica, No Doubt and Johnny Cash. He is all about whatever touches an emotional nerve, and follows “wherever stories are told with passion, hunger, humor, wit and angst. I am of no time, I am of every time.” 

Ultimately, Link describes himself as “dedicated and determined, maybe even a little obsessed with my music and writing.” Such individualized obsession should make Kipling proud, listeners pleased, and Mister Link’s journey fulfilling.