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Go Viral or Go Home?

Does the social media experience need to be an all consuming 24/7 rush to update fans (and potential fans)?  If you don't see an update from someone for a few days, does that discourage your interest, or are you getting a welcome break from ceaseless bombardment? It seems like there are so many sites competing for an artist's attention and money - all promising to expose you to countless fans who (you hope) will give you love, praise, and buy your music.  But does the exposure really result in any more fan base than if you just play out and build an email list?

My experience to date has been that it's great for feedback, but not so great for marketing songs and career advancement.  Then again - it's the old proverb of it being a marathon and not a sprint.  Building name recognition is important on any level, but in a global marketplace, you need to tap thousands to net even a few committed fans.  So having what might seem a huge following if it were local, doesn't really translate into a sizable contingent when spread around the world.  After all - how would you get 3000 people to come from all corners of the world to a concert - if that were the sum total of your reach? 

I would think you'd need at least 3 million fans worldwide to net 3000 that would travel a sizable distance to see you.  As for you going to see each of them individually - you'd have a world tour that only has at most a few hundred audience in most locales (and often less).  This seems to be a conundrum of the vast Internet connected music world.  Go viral or go home?


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