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Is Fame Worth It?

With the recent upsurge of the "Famous for being Famous" path to financial and media success, has name recognition surpassed talent as the most required ingredient in music?  Of course some might argue that talent was and is always secondary to marketing and exposure, and they may well be right, but one might also wonder if fame, especially social media recognition, truly is the commodity-in-trade considering how hard it is to actually sell songs in this download, free-for-all society that we've nurtured unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally by some).

I've seen professional media and PR people say that fans won't buy your music unless they "like" you.  That can be both figurative (as in "you're cool") to literal (are we talking Facebook here?). Meaning, I interpret, that fans buy your music more as a courtesy to keep you employed at your craft rather than as an obligation to exchange something monetary for all of your hard work.  One would hope they have to like your music too... but then, maybe the liking "you" leads to liking your music rather than the other way around these days.  Is this the driving force behind the "viral" media sensation?

There's a bit of sadness in this for me, but it seems to follow on to the concept, and song, that Video Killed The Radio Star.  So now is social media turning all of the songwriters and performers into bloggers, tweeters, and Facebook poster children?  I don't know - but I am here blogging and I do post on Facebook so.... ;-)


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