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Licorice Whips

Well, I have a name for my next album: Licorice Whips.  It was originally going to be mostly whimsical and occasionally silly numbers (some may call that a style divergence and some may say more of the same depending on their view of my music), but it's really heading off to be a more pop and songwriter oriented effort.  I think this time I'm going to play most of the instruments myself with perhaps only the occasional studio talent thrown in where I think it is irretrievably needed.

Here are some of the song titles for your amusement and enjoyment (and wild speculation on how they'll sound):

  • I Had a Dream Last Night
  • Hip Hop Girl
  • -30-
  • Edge of My Grave
  • The Girl Who's Not Here Anymore
  • I'm Not Getting Over You
  • Love is Forever
  • Howl At the Rain
  • A Song to Sing for Your Birthday
  • Melted All Over Me

... and some that may or may not make the cut this time around:

  • Captain Ozone
  • Ain't Nobody to Stop It (Nuclear Vomit)
  • No Hugs, Just Drugs
  • Perfect
  • Dancing in Her Head (New Shorter Version)
  • It's a Lonely World

.... and a couple of cover arrangements I'm thinking about and working on:

  • Money (That's What I Want) (The Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford, et al classic)
  • Snowblind Friend (A song by Hoyt Axton made famous by Steppenwolf)

What do you think?

I got a comment today on the Mister Link Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/misterlinkmusic  I was called to task for being a bit too self-deprecating. Sigh, I know it's true - but I did try to inject a bit of humor in there - I suppose it got lost in the mix.  But that brings to mind a question about artists, musicians, entertainers - is it ever okay to have self-doubt on display. I know we all have it, but dare we ever show that part of ourselves even in jest?  I'm not sure of the answer there.  I suspect that the answer is that it's rarely or never okay, but I wonder how the rest of you out there feel about it?



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