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Yes... well every day?

So... still new to this whole blogging for music thing.  Sometimes we have to wait for the muse to divert her attention from the music and return it to the printed page.  I was reading a blog (What! another blog?) on the Discmakers site(they print and package CD's, DVD's, and the like) and basically it was saying that Pandora and other large internet radio companies want to get Congress to reduce the amount of royalty payments they have to make to artists (such as Mister Link) because they feel it makes them uncompetitive with terrestrial radio which does not make payments to performers or labels.  Both make a rather paltry contribution even to songwriters, such as me, but that's another issue.  

The funny thing is that every other country in the world pays performers as well as songwriters on a per-play basis apparently - only the United States, land of opportunity, feels it's okay to stiff creative talent in the name of corporate enlargement.  Of course, since we don't pay artists from other countries, they don't pay American artists royalties in their countries either (the blog called this "reciprocity").  So... we get the short end of the stick no matter which end we choose, I guess.  Joy!

If you want to read the entire article, you can click the link above or just go here: http://tinyurl.com/aqcgfn5.

And that brings us back around to today's fun topic - do you really have to blog every day to be meaningful?  I think it's much better to actually have something to say - don't you?  Of course, if you're mainly working your way through life as a writer of prose fact (or occasionally fiction if we're talking the internet), then you revel in each opportunity to present your earnest and witty banter.  However, for the more lyrically and poetically inclined, long monologues and reportage can be tedious and sometimes less than efficacious for the reader (I just had to use efficacious to annoy you all and remind you why I don't blog every day). 

But seriously now, folks... 

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